27 August 2009

Faith as Art : Art as Faith - 1st Annual Bezaleel Scholarship Competition

I am proud to announce the 1st Annual Bezaleel Scholarship Competition

Faith as Art : Art as Faith
Strickler Gallery
September 29 - October 12
Reception: TBA
Judge: TBA

As Christians working in the visual arts, we have the unique opportunity to use our craft as a means to define our faith in Christ as well as present that to the world in meaningful ways. This exhibition and competition seeks to explore how artists use their medium to define their personal faith and spirituality.

How can art be used to define faith and spirituality? How can art be used to further the Kingdom in meaningful ways? How is the Spirit of God working in your artwork?

Eligibility: All declared Art & Digital Media majors in their Freshman through Junior years
Fees: $5 per entry, up to 5 pieces may be submitted
Deadline: September 25, 12pm
Submission: Submit pieces to Gena in the Department of Art & Digital Media along with submission form and fees.

1. The exhibition is open to all mediums
2. Artwork must be new and made strictly for the exhibition. All submission may not be counted for any class credit and must express the theme of the show.
3. All work must be framed and wired, ready to hang (sculpture excluded)
4. All flat artwork must be matted with at least a 2" margin, complete with glass or plexiglass.
5. Each artwork must be accompanied by a statement as to how the artwork interprets the theme of the exhibition. The statement must be mounted on foamcore without the artist's name.
6. $5 entry fee must be paid.
7. No entries will be accepted after the deadline.

artwork © Valerie Wiegman